I am on sabbatical for the 2018-2019 academic year and will not be teaching. Click on the course title to see a syllabus from the last time the class was taught.
This is a problem-based class designed to provide grad students with the tools they need to support their research.   Offered fall semesters.
This class covers a broad range of topics in geochemistry - origin of the elements, mineralogy and solid phases, water chemistry, and climate change. Offered spring semesters. 

Karst Geology

(GEOL 466/666)

The basics of applied organic geochemistry relevant to the fate and transport of organic compounds in nature. The focus is on the chemistry and how the structures of molecules affects their behaviors. Offered some spring semesters.
This class covers karst and caves plus related topics like geochemistry, hydrogeology, geomorph, and microbiology. Field trips. Offered some spring semesters.